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What is ANMPT ? 

The objects for which the ANMPT is established are to protect and enhance the rights and privileges of those practicing physical therapies including, but not limited to, neuromuscular therapy, physical therapy and sports massage; to promote honourable practice; to repress malpractice; to settle disputed points of practice; to decide questions of professional usage of courtesy; and to establish a register of members. 

How do I use the ANMPT register ?

In order to establish the professional status of a neuromuscular, physical or sports massage therapist you can search the ANMPT register using the form opposite.

ANMPT Position Statement ? 

The ANMPT, which is the representative association for neuromuscular therapists in Ireland, issued the following position statement following then Minister for Health Leo Varadkar's press release indicating that the Department of Health intends to protect the title 'physical therapist' for exclusive use by Chartered Physiotherapists. 

The ANMPT warmly welcomes the recent decision made by the (then) Minister for Health Leo Varadkar to protect the title 'Physical Therapist' under section 95(3) of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005. From 2018, only physiotherapists will legally be allowed to identify themselves as a physical therapist. It was widely accepted from the outset of the establishment of the National Forum For Complementary Medical Therapies (established by the Department of Health and Children under the auspices of the then minister Micheal Martin) that this title would, in time, be protected along with a number of other specialties. 

Neuromuscular Therapists can continue to feel confident in providing physical therapy to their patients/clients and in playing a lead role in the future of complementary medical therapy in Ireland as Neuromuscular Therapy moves towards state regulation. Patients who are actively seeking a professional therapist specialising in myofascial and chronic pain, rather than a professional trained to work in the hospital setting, will now have any misunderstanding that may have existed removed. 

ANMPT and NTC will continue to work within the National Forum to secure state registration for Neuromuscular Therapists at the appropriate time. ANMPT membership protects our members' best interests and, in turn, protects the interests of the general public. 

We have been, and will continue to stay, in communication with the Department of Health, and we look forward to any new developments that will benefit both our members and the general public into the future. 

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