You can find resources here which we hope can assist all members during this difficult time of pandemic.

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There are many companies offering PPE and sanitation products and the Association does not generally recommend any specific product or company. We have come across a product called Zoono which is a chemical-free range of products for hand and surface sanitation. Their website indicates efficacy testing with results showing >99.99% effectiveness agains viruses including Coronavirus. ( During the current pandemic they have been sold out of most products, however the Association has sourced an Irish supplier who has product in stock. You can visit their website at (the page specific to Zoono products is at

Products include Germ Foggers which will completely sanitise a room lasting up to 30 days, Surface Sanitiser also lasting up to 30 days and a Hand Sanitiser which remains active (even with hand washing) for 24 hours so only needs to be used once a day.


The documents in this section are for informational purposes only. They are from a variety of sources worldwide and are not intended to offer any advice regarding practice in Ireland. The restrictions, regulations and guidance offered varies greatly throughout the world.

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A Guide for Touch Therapists



Below you can find links to official Irish government approved information about Coronavirus Covid-19 in general.